Aside from our show managers and their assistants which accompany you each round and make sure that the evening progresses well, there is a small part of the SPH team which is not present during all shows. At this point we want to introduce these individuals, which you will get to know. At latest at the the finals.

We Want You!

We Want You!

Become a part of our team!

Show manager? Jury member? Intern for marketing or country manager assistant? The SPH Bandcontest is organized by more than 200 students and freelancers. All year around we have numerous interesting spots available, either as a manager for SPH shows near your city, a jury member, a marketing intern or support for our country managers – there is no limit to your opportunities! If you want to take a closer look, click on the link below:


Our Bands

Our Bands

the most important players of the team!

Without our bands and their fans the SPH Bandcontest wouldn’t exist – that’s something we greatly appreciate and can’t thank you enough! We strongly believe in a partnership approach which also requires a mutual relationship with our bands. Especially during times of online voting (where sadly no stage experience can be gathered) and the overwhelming number of other young competing bands we are very thankful for your participation and together we will make the SPH Bandcontest the most popular place to support and promote new bands. Thank you!


Robin Werner

Country Manager USA

After getting stuck in the car industry, Robin decided to follow his passion for music and change car sounds to rock sounds. He tours with his band, studies popular music and what is the most is that he is bringing the SPH Bandcontest to the US. Having spent some time there, he realized that every band on the world should have the support and the possibilities which the SPH Bandcontest can provide. That's why he is our country manager for the US. He handles the band, venue and staff organization. Although he is dedicated to music you can often find him playing or talking about soccer.



Marco Stiegler

Partners | Awards | Artist Support

After Marco’s first SPH Bandcontest show he realized that he wanted to invest more time and effort into the contest and into the support of newcomer bands. So Marco became a fixed member of our team and is responsible for all awards, partners and festivals. He is finishing his popular music studies and has a profound musical knowledge. Paired with his work as a student counselor and local concert bookings he is trying to give newcomer bands everything they deserve from useful feedbacks and tips to amazing prices. He is literally trying to give you the world.



Simon Lehnert

Creative Director

Have you ever asked yourself why everything at the SPH Bandcontest looks so cool? It is Simon’s fault. He is our creative head when it comes to the look of our website, flyers, pictures, trailers or the SPH Bandcontest sampler. Backing to that, he finished his studies in popular music and media and made newcomer support and promotion to his life mission. Additionally, he can sing like an angel and plays the guitar like the devil.



Renko Grensemann

Head Of Marketing

Since 2017, Renko has been managing our marketing activities. With his great knowledge in the field of social media, he ensures that your are the first who get all the news about our band contest. Before specializing in the music industry, he worked for various local advertising agencies. During his music management studies he worked for various bands and labels and supported them at the artist PR or the promotion of releases and tours. Also today, he supports artist on their career path.



Tabea Erll

Logistics, Tickets & Marketing

Are you wondering how all the tickets, ballots, support packages and information come to you? Tabea is your girl providing all physical utilities to send them all around the world just for you. She is also involved in marketing and very active when it comes to recruiting new bands for the SPH Bandcontest. She is doing everything for her passion for music so she also masters the guitar, the mandolin and the piano. She feels so moved by music that she dances ballet, teaches kids dance classes and enjoys musicals.



Dennis Preuß

Country Manager GER, AT, CH

Dennis is a musician from the bottom of his heart. He is rocking the bass like no one else and plays in his band for 13 years and they toured all over Europe. At times where he is not on stage he gives everything to support other fantastic live bands like you. He can explain everything to you in a cool, intelligible way and is always in direct contact with you and the locations to make our concerts perfect. Maybe you will see each other on stage soon?


Robin Mueller

Robin Mueller

Founder & Initiator

It was Robin who first had the idea to create the SPH Bandcontest in 2008, after having various bad experiences as a musician himself. With a lot of passion and affection, he has been dedicated for 10 years to create this platform from musicians for musicians and to offer as many artists as possible a stage. Even today, Robin still gives his best to ensure that the musicians mean everything to us and that everyone involved works together in a friendly atmosphere. In 2013, Robin co-founded KLANG:technologies. KLANG is known for its invention of '3D-In-Ear-Monitoring', nowadays used by artists all around the globe (including big names such as System Of A Down, Justin Bieber or Linkin Park).