Specials & Booster

Your bonus in each round.

We want everyone to profit from our shows. We value the support of each artist – whether it's in the first rounds or the finals. In order to not only support bands with prizes in the final stages, we offer our CASH BOOSTER to all participants in the first 3 rounds. When the venues are crowded, the same goes for your cash box. You can earn $250 for your band and use it for whatever you want – recordings, equipment, merch, video shoots or promotion. It’s up to you. In the pre-finals (fourth round), you already win great prizes instead of the cash booster. The same goes for the big final of each season.


If you are active and get many fans to visit your concerts, then you should get a big part of those earnings. Ultimately, the fans are coming because of you! Motivate your fans, family and friends to support you during your show, make a lot of noise and vote for you by distributing tickets which we send to you prior to your show. Eventually, the audience has 50% of the votes besides the jury concerning your move into the next round.


Without your pre-sales we could not realize our SPH Band Contest. We cover our costs but we want to share our additional earnings with you! Next to prizes worth $250,000, best artist awards and the support package valuing $500 (from season 2018 onwards), you get the chance to earn an extra $750 band salary within the first 3 rounds. You deserve it! Let’s organize unforgettable concerts together!


  • For 25 sold tickets you earn $50 in cash for your band.
  • For 50 sold tickets, you earn $100 in cash for your band.
  • For 70 sold tickets, you earn $150 in cash for your band.
  • If you are able to motivate 100 fans, you earn solid $250 for your band.

Pre-Finals & Final: GREAT PRIZES & AWARDS

Through our generous partners and sponsors, we have the opportunity to distribute huge award packages to you in all our pre-finals (last round prior to the final). More information about the packages are available every year shortly before the pre-finals. In the last years, we handed out new equipment, promotion vouchers, instruments, shopping vouchers for new equipment, wireless systems, guitar pics with your own band logo, energy drinks for a whole year, and all this to at least 3 bands per pre-final. In the big final (fifth and last round), there's even more prizes, awards & slots waiting for you.

Successful pre-sales are worth it, since everyone profits a lot:

  1. Playing a show in front of a huge crowd is an incredible experience!
  2. You get your friends, their friends and your first fans on board.
  3. You get the best show slots, since it depends on your pre-sold tickets for the show.
  4. You can earn up to $750 band salary (3x $250).
  5. You have the chance to win great prizes, awards & festival slots even before the big final.

The CASH BOOSTER is handed out to you at the venue on the day of your show, namely during the bill settlement with your show manager.