Prizes & Awards

Prizes & Awards worth $250,000!

We're proud on the prizes & awards we can offer each year. Many of them are not just available for finalists and winners, but to everyone who positively stands out during all rounds of the contest.

We want to support you on a wide range. That is why our awards are not only available during the finals, but rather in the pre-finals and sometimes even in prior rounds. In the past it has shown that NOT ONLY our winners were signed by our partners (labels, endorsers and promoters). SPH is a platform to grow your industry network.

Of course we are very proud to be supported by so many well-know industry partners and want to thank them at this point. Next to the awards, each band gets the support package and the additional opportunity to earn up to $250 per gig through our revenue share model.

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Get up to $250 in Cash per Show

We want to have amazing concerts with you. If the venue is filled, so will be your wallet. You’ll get your BOOSTER right at the show and you can use it for whatever you want. Details can be found here.

Showcases & Industry Network

We're heavily supported by the national music industry. This includes labels, bookers, A&Rs, promoters, distributors, gear brands, media partners (print, TV, online) and many more. We're organizing private showcases for them to pick the best talent. This is your once-in-a-lifetime chance to built your industry network and grow your career.

Festivals & Gigs

There are thousands of bands playing our SPH Bandcontest stages all over the world. The chance to find the stars of tomorrow on one of our stages is obviously high. Many promoters, booker, PR agencies, managers and industry professionals know that. That’s why many of them attend our shows and tend to book the bands right at the evening of the show. Of course, we don’t charge a booking fee or something like that. Additionally, we provide our SPH family with possibilities to play live at our industry showcases as special guests, also in other countries.

Support Package

You will receive your support package automatically together with the tickets for your first show. It includes coupons for free benefits and deductibles on studio recordings, music or lyric videos, gear, pressing of CDs, merch, online distribution, graphic designs, coachings, custom gear, instruments, promotion, software or tools. Depending on the use, your savings can easily reach up to $500 and more. Details can be found here.

Gear & Material Prizes

Sponsored by our partners. Examples from our last season: guitars, basses, mics, drum kits, cymbals, wireless connection, amps, cabs, PA-systems, in-ears, strings, hides, stands, effects and much more.

Best Artist Awards

Every year, the best musicians of each country will be awarded. These can win high valued gear or endorsement deals. Last year, the prices included custom in-ears & mics (singer), bass amps (bassist), cymbal sets (drummer) and guitar amps (guitarists).


Every year, we send our most successful bands to our partner studios. There you can record songs, EPs and albums in a professional environment. It is important for us that our partners take time to fulfill your wishes and make you feel comfortable.

Pressing of Your Records

The good old CD. Or even a vinyl? In times of digitalization, the physical and touchable product increase in value and are more appreciated. Our successful artists win free pressings for their new songs.

Music & Lyric Videos

Another important way to promote your music is the creation of a professional music or lyric video. Together with our partners, we try to draw attention to your song visually. Added to this, a first trailer or teaser shouldn’t be missing. Especially our longtime partner Penthouse & Pancake Productions works for many US bands such as We Came As Romans, Seit It Off or Silverstein. Maybe also for you?

Gear Coupons

Besides the already mentioned gear prices and best artist awards, you can win coupons worth more than $10,000. With this, you can choose whatever gear you need right now!


With the help of our partners, we can provide a wide range of band merch with all the things a band needs nowadays such as shirts, hoodies, stickers, caps, bags and much more. Our partners provide the winners with free merch bundles.

Live-Videos & Live-Photos

There are professional photographers at many of our shows to take photos of you in the perfect moment. In the decisive rounds, there could also be professional live video recordings. It’s perfect to use these sequences for your next music video.

Design of Graphics

Our partners for graphics provide design bundles for our most successful bands. These include graphics for your logo, artwork, website, stickers, flyers, posters, backdrops, drumheads, custom pics and much more.


We and our partners also sponsor and pay for many promotion products you need for your marketing, such as stickers, tour posters and flyers.

Band Photo Shoots

High-class band photos definitely belong to your professional appearance! Our partner photographers are looking for the perfect shot of your band.


What is more obvious to our partners in the music industry than giving the outstanding musicians of the SPH Bandcontest the chance for endorsement deals?

Online Distribution Worldwide

Many of our bands will get the chance to put their songs on all online music platforms like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify or Deezer for free!


We are closely working together with promotion agencies to make our most successful bands known by the help of print, TV and radio.


We publish our „SPH Bandcontest Sampler” on which the best SPH bands can be heard. It is often a cooperation with one of our partners with a wide reach of potentional listeners. Additionally, we often get the chance to place our bands on an external sampler.

Labels & Booking-Deals

Our wide network includes many big and small labels, booking agencies and concert organizers at our shows, especially in the final rounds. Many signings and partnerships started at the SPH Bandcontest.

Workshops & Coachings

How should we arrange our songs? How can we successfully start marketing? How can we prepare for studio sessions? What do we have to keep in mind when playing live? How does the music business work? Which players are important? All these questions and more will be answered by us and our education partners in many workshops and coachings. A few are also available digitally and free for you. Take a look here.

Special Prizes

We often create special prizes for our bands. For example, you can win a year’s supply of energy drinks for your rehearsal room. Keep following us on social media and you won’t miss the latest specials!