The SPH Band Contest


The SPH Band Contest is the biggest band contest for musicians and artists in Europe and North America. The SPH network includes more than 1,500 participating bands and 500 concerts every year. SPH Band Contest and its live platforms are available in Germany, the United States, UK (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland), Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. We provide an international network for all our participating artists.

SPH Band Contest takes place in more than 100 cities all over the world. We are supported by the national and international music industry and corresponding associations who see our concept as long-term and truly supportive for young musicians. That's why many well-known companies are partners of our SPH Band Contest.

Around the globe, more than 200 young individuals are active and involved in the organization of the SPH Band Contest while all being dedicated musicians. The SPH Band Contest is (and will always be) a platform from musicians for musicians!


When we founded our SPH Band Contest we did this especially due to the increasing dissatisfaction concerning the manners and opportunities at established contests. We simply wanted to build an alternative for bands and help them to play live gigs. From the beginning onwards, it was clear to us that we wanted to change many aspects and offer much more to our bands. For us, our musicians and bands are always the main focus. Together with you, we want to create fascinating concerts and break the wall between organizers and bands. All around the globe.


For us it is very important to stop the exploitation of artists. That's why we are not charging the bands for anything. There is no obligation to sell any amount of tickets. Of course we need to run our organization in a financially healthy manner in order to still exist next year, but we are trying to give a big part back to you! It is essential that we as organizers of the contest are on the same side with our musicians.


Therefore, values such as community spirit, cooperativeness, friendship and the strive for a unified goal, namely the long-term development of young musicians and memorable concerts, are our main focus. This is supported by the extensive number of participating bands. We are very proud of the strong appreciation and solidarity between our SPH bands.

Rating System

Transparency and precision are very important for us. That's why we don't estimate audience votes through showing off hands, but we have decent voting papers. We also have a jury in all rounds. Our jury members are highly motivated to further develop our artists and bands by giving them direct feedback. In our opinion, a continuous feedback from the jury as well as good contacts and increasing live experience are the most important aspects that we can give to our bands.


This might be the reason why we are often named for our fairness and transparency. At the SPH Band Contest the audience decides to 50% (first and second vote, which needs to be given to different bands) and 50% the specialist jury.


We didn't create this concept on our own, but with the help of many partners in the music industry (labels, A&Rs, producers, studio owners, bookers and promoters) who support the SPH Band Contest not only as jury members, but also as guests during your shows, constantly looking out for prospective bands. This enables participating bands to establish new contacts in the professional music business.


As a global organization, we were able to build an intense industry network. It ranges from well-known industry brands to labels, promoters, venues, famous artists, booking agencies to an incredible amount of musicians all over the world (think of gig exchanges!) and much more. Of course you'll benefit from it. Even more, you'll be an enriching part of our SPH music family.

Support Package

Each participating band receives a support package with valuable coupons and free services worth $500, regardless of their ranking. Furthermore, we award our bands every year with equipment and services (instruments, amplifiers, speakers, microphones, in-ears, merch, external devices, etc.) even before the final.


The SPH Band Contest is a non-subsidized organization of students and musicians who all put a lot of time, passion and effort into our project. Meanwhile, our team consists of more than 200 music enthusiasts around the globe. You're free to join the movement!


Our gains go back to our bands, the expansion of our awards and the boundaries of the contest (to enable more show possibilities all over the world), band projects, live concerts, cool venues and initiatives.

Community Project

Moreover, each band gets a part of the gains earned during the respective concert. All bands can earn up to $250 per concert (in cash) depending on their ticket pre-sale. This shows that we recognize you and your band as our main partner in this project.