If you have any further questions feel free to contact our band manager Robin Werner (bands@sph-bandcontest.com).

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Section: Register

How can I register? ▼

What's there to win? ▼

In which cities does the SPH Band Contest take place? ▼

Do you pay attention to which music genres are performing on each showcase? ▼

We don't have a lot of band experience, can we still participate? ▼

I am a solo-artist. Can I still participate? ▼

We are signed by a small indie-label. Are we still able to participate? ▼

Another band that we are friends with is also participating. Can we perform on the same day? ▼

I play in 2 bands. Can both bands participate? ▼

Why are cover bands eliminated from participation? ▼

Do we have to send you a song beforehand? ▼

Why should we participate specifically at the SPH Band Contest? ▼

Is there a limitation regarding the music genre? ▼

Section: Your Shows

Who decides which bands get into the next round? ▼

The decision is made to 50% by the audience and to 50% by a jury which is made up of experienced show managers, partners in the music business, venue owners & operators, festival and club organizers, sound engineers, bookers, label representatives and many more. The following criteria will be evaluated by the jury: A) composition / arrangement / songwriting, B) vocals / musical skills / interplay, C) presentation / show.

How long should our set be? ▼

Is there a sponsored backline at the SPH Band Contest shows? ▼

Can we also play instrumental tracks? ▼

How does the audience voting procedure (50% of the decision) take place? ▼

Is there a guest list? ▼

Is there a review of the show? ▼

Is there a minimum ticket quantity? ▼

Can we bring our own sound engineers to the show? ▼

Will we be involved in the earnings of the shows? ▼

What is the 'wildcard'? ▼

Section: Other

Why is there no age limit at the SPH Band Contest? ▼

Why don't you charge a participation fee? ▼

What does SPH even mean? ▼